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REBUS Recape: 4ORCE. Don’t Make Them Think. by danielelchert
May 21, 2010, 7:07 pm
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Visualize your favorite website. Why is it your favorite? Ease of use, visual design, content? Can you turn those positive features into valuable designs for your clients? How much money does a poor design cost the client?

On Tuesday May 11, 4ORCE, formerly NGAGE, invited REBUS in to discuss how they combine creativity, insights and intelligence, and usability testing to deliver a fresh perspective on what makes consumers tick and how they interact with brands. They are adding value to digital innovation through the launch of their User Experience (UX) lab that advances user experience by bridging digital technology and branded engagement. The UX lab allows clients to test designs for functionality and impressions before it’s launched. These insights save money and time by increasing overall customer satisfaction and increases engaging hits.

Before this capability projects would launch without any guarantee that visitors will stick around to reveal the messages interlaid on the site. Research has shown that if it takes visitors more than 10 seconds to find what they want, then they will go to the competitor’s site. 4ORCE’s UX lab insures positive results by studying how the user interacts with the design and if the design works best for the way the target thinks through series of test including but not limited to surveys, focus groups, field testing, and heuristic evaluation. The earlier the UX lab is introduced into the planning stages the faster one finds the best design to communicate with the target. Keep in mind if you need a label, it’s probably not designed very well.

So take a note from 4ORCE, stop focusing on the past where brands just post digital content. Do some research, more specifically allow 4ORCE’s User Experience Architects to apply usability testing to ensure that your campaigns builds fully engaging projects that spark continuous conversations with your target.


What 4ORCE Has To Say About REBUS by danielelchert
May 18, 2010, 8:51 pm
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“I really enjoyed sharing my passion for UX with the REBUS attendees who braved the rain to attend last night’s event. The event organizers were great, and the attendees were smart, curious, and fun. There were a lot of excellent questions after the talks, which to me really showed how interested and engaged everyone was that evening. And the fabulous food & drink didn’t hurt one bit!.”

Danielle Cooley, Senior User Experience Architect

“It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Rebus. They have certainly become one of the preeminent advertising organizations in St. Louis and consistently deliver relevant content to their members. Rebus events seem to attract a higher educated and more digitally curious crowd – exactly the type of audience 4ORCE desires.”

Dan Curren, President/CEO

It’s almost time for Art Uncorked 2010! by danielelchert
May 18, 2010, 8:49 pm
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Last call for art donations for this year’s event.
You choose the medium; you choose the subject.

Crank the tunes, dust off the art supplies and see what happens.
And then donate your art to Ad Club’s Art Uncorked.
Why, yes, you get into the event for free when you donate art!

Even if you don’t donate art, you can attend the event.
There will be LIVE ART by Firecracker Press and origami artist Anne Fleming…
There will be LIVE MUSIC by Richie Kihlken
There will be wine tastings from Sbragia Family Vineyards…
And, there will be appetizers from Bridge…
All this included in the price of admission.

Rejuvenate your space by taking home original art from the silent art auction.

May 27th (6p-9p) down in the Foundation Room at Bridge 1004 Locust.

More details at:

What Brad Lucas Has To Say About REBUS by danielelchert
May 18, 2010, 8:45 pm
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“I was around when REBUS was just a glimmer in the eyes of a few young individuals dead set on creating a relevant learning and networking forum for this industry. It was a pure and simple great idea, that originated with a pint and a “what if”. It has since blossomed to become a well-oiled machine. As a recruiter/account guy that came from the creative side originally, I always try to recommend people check out REBUS. As strong as anyone, entry-level or veteran, may feel in their career, the moment you stop learning and growing is the moment you lose your edge.”

Brad Lucas
The Creative Group and Ad Club Board

What Moose had to say about REBUS by REBUS
May 6, 2010, 2:46 pm
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Moosylvania had the opportunity to host a REBUS gathering, Tuesday, April 13th, and our building buzzed and twittered with over 70 attendees.  We toured the REBUS group around our Design Award Winning space and shared stories of industry trends and social networking tricks of the trade.  Moosylvania presented our latest venture, Buzzhound, a company designed to teach one on one Search Engine Marketing and other relevant case studies.  We uncorked bottles of Sapporo, our latest business win, and enjoyed socializing over a spread of appetizers and deserts fit for the fourth year anniversary celebration of REBUS.

I was thoroughly impressed with the talent, interest and enthusiasm of those in attendance and have followed up with several individuals I hope can one day bring their talent to the Republic of Moosylvania.  It was great to host such a fantastic crowd.

Sharon Ayres
VP Human Resources

NEXT EVENT: Digital Brainfuel @ 4ORCE by REBUS
May 6, 2010, 10:11 am
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Peer into a vastly different agency where Digital Innovation and User Experience (UX) Sciences are advancing consumer engagement. Join us on May the 11th to take pause and appreciate a radically different perspective.

Consumers are using the web well beyond initial expectations. By blending creativity, insights and intelligence, and usability testing, 4ORCE is delivering a fresh perspective on what makes these consumers tick and how they interact with brands in the digital space.

Specifically, learn how User Experience Architects are redefining the relationship between people and brands, for the better.

Doors open at 6. Check ’em out here.

New Search in St. Louis: Art Director by headhunterbob

Bishop Partners has just started a new search for an Art Director.  Here’s the overview:

General Description:
This is a new position created as a result of new business growth.  We’re conducting a search for an exceptional performer who is looking for a better opportunity to work with national clients, delivering an incredibly diverse range of work online and in print.  We want someone who’s ambitious, innovative and enjoys having the most current tools to work with, in a wonderfully creative environment.  Our client is a firm that is not typical and will afford you an opportunity to work alongside other experienced pros you’ll learn from and contribute to.  You’ll have an opportunity to create advertising, sales promotion, collateral and online marketing to a national audience.

Primary Responsibilities:
1.    Generate innovative concepts across all appropriate marketing media to fulfill client needs.
2.    Develop tactical execution of concept utilizing photography, illustration and/or other media to “touch” the clients’ customers.
3.    Work with other members of the creative and account service team to ensure strategically sound work, delivered on time and within the budget.
4.    Work on several projects (and probably clients) simultaneously.

We’re looking for motivated candidates with a related degree and 3-5 years of experience.  Even more important is a portfolio that shows us cutting edge work in a variety of media and styles.  We’re looking for superb web capabilities and experience with print. We prefer national client experience with CPG brands.

Our client is interested in offering a compensation package that exceeds the market standard and will excite the ideal candidate.  There will be a base salary depending on experience and previous levels of responsibility.  The package will include superb medical benefits, a 401K program and bonus potential resulting from exceptional performance.

About our Client:
Our client is a creative entity based on the finest talent and technology available.  Their application of technology is innovative, not reactive.  They have a corporate culture second to none that encourages camaraderie, peer support, cooperation, critique and having fun. They have an unusual expertise with broader capabilities than most agencies.  Come and work for the kind of company and in the kind of environment that you didn’t think existed!  This is certainly a career opportunity and our client needs you right now! EOE

Please apply through our website  Please send a separate email to detailing your interest in and qualifications for this position. Please send portfolio samples to the same email address.

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