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What To Know About Sending Your Design Resume To A Creative Agency by danielelchert
June 9, 2010, 3:20 pm
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By Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen, Senior Creative Director

As the manager of Switch’s art directors, designers and production artists, I get 15-20 resume’s from recent grads per month. Here’s what I’ve noticed. This new generation is plugged into social media, constantly connected and has access to a wide variety of new technologies. In short, they are armed with a myriad of powerful tools… EXCITING!

However, the technology that allows them to “do more stuff” has led to a less “personal” approach in their craft. I want to see a “personality” shine through.

I catch myself saying, “Kid’s these days just don’t have the same craftsmanship or passion that I had when I got out of school”. WHAT? Are these words actually coming out of my mouth? Has turning 33 years old all of a sudden put me in my dad’s shoes? So, what do I want to see? I want the Holy Trinity: personality, range and passion.

Above all, you are your own brand. Treat yourself as one. Everything you do that makes contact with the world needs to be a reflection of you. Your resume is your first date, and everyone is watching. You have one chance to make that impression, use it wisely.

1) Resume: You’re a designer, and the resume is the most important tool you have. It is your chance to demonstrate who you are:
a. Craftsmanship: paper choice and how you package it to be mailed or sent electronically will showcase your attention to detail.
b. Composition: helps determine how you flow content and your sensitivity towards hierarchy and readability.
c. Aesthetic: your choice of font and color palette showcases your individualism and personal style.
d. Content: this is the last thing I look at…because if you haven’t captured my curiosity with your resume, I won’t spend much time checking out your credentials.

A plain resume designed in Word goes straight in the trash!

2) The Interview: You want to create an experience that your interviewer won’t forget. Everything about you needs to be choreographed to promote your identity: from your logo to your presentation materials/leave behinds.

Don’t forget to add your personal touch…that’s what will help set you apart from the next in line. Your hobbies and passions need to shine through, be it photography, or hand drawings or your obsession for toys. Don’t be shy to show off what makes you: you.

Timing can be a major factor as well. If someone expresses interest in you, don’t give them a reason to forget about you. Be persistent; be creative on keeping the loop open. (Sidebar: Once I got a follow-up voice message from someone whom I had interviewed. It was framed like he/she got my number at a bar from a friend and was interested in getting together, like on a date. It was funny, engaging and a fresh approach!)

3) Intangibles: Many designers forget that their design skills are only a fraction of what makes them an attractive candidate. If you can demonstrate a hunger and humility “to do whatever it takes,” walk in with passion and determination that tells me that you, “want this job so badly you aren’t going to take no for an answer”…that will impress me.

So the theme might be that getting a job is like getting a date. Try dropping off your resume in person. Or establish a connection by doing something that echoes your personality and isn’t the same old creative package your classmate is mocking up. Get face time by being creative. Don’t be shy to get personal.

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REBUS Planning Meeting: June 22, 2010 by danielelchert
June 7, 2010, 11:41 am
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Rodgers Townsend
1000 Clark Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63102

Need a map? Just click here.

We’ve taken you inside McGowan Crain. You’ve light-painted at Meoli, witnessed woodblock printing techniques at the Firecracker Press, you’ve even toured RIVET from a dog’s eye view.

As the economy recovers and we roll into our fourth year, we ask WHAT DO YOU WANT NEXT? REBUS has grown drastically and is ready to look towards the future, now is your chance to get involved. We’re looking for input for activities, programs and events for the upcoming year. We need volunteers who are interested in supporting the REBUS effort with their time (writers, designers, videographers, account folks, etc., anyone involved in the marketing/advertising process).

Come tell us what you’d like REBUS to do next year! Snacks and adult beverages will be provided.

Please RSVP to:

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