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How to Land an Awesome Internship by jessica hutson
October 25, 2010, 7:57 am
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As an ad student, I have experienced the difficult process of scoring that essential internship my senior year of college. It’s basically a job in itself, performing all the legwork it takes to secure that spot at the bottom of the totem pole. Perhaps you can take some helpful advice away from this blog post to make your search a little bit easier.

First thing’s first, it’s essential to have a solid cover letter and resume. Your cover letter needs to catch and hold the attention of the reader. It’s best to avoid clichés and focus on convincing the reader that you are not only qualified for the position, but also can add value to the company. That resume shouldn’t exceed one page. Using pops of color and a maximum of two different fonts are guidelines I also like to follow.

Another helpful tip is to talk to your professors and find out who has connections with certain agencies. There’s nothing wrong with name-dropping (as long as you have permission) in the first paragraph of your cover letter to make that association.

The next step is to compile a list of shops you’d really want to work for. This is going to involve a little research on your part. Focus on your area of interest. For example, if you’re going into web development, make sure the agency you’re applying to has a strong digital department.

Now it’s time to start sending out your resumes and cover letters. It’s not that difficult to find the Human Resource representative’s name and email address on an agency’s website. Make sure that you personalize your cover letter with the HR rep’s name, the name of the agency, and the internship title you’re applying for. Don’t worry if an agency you’re interested in doesn’t have an internship opening posted on their website. You should still contact them and ask if they need interns.

The most important step is to follow-up a few times with the company. Generally, if you don’t hear back for five to seven business days, it’s acceptable to send an email stating that you are still very interested in the opportunity, and reiterate that you are confident that you will add value to the company (give an example). Sometimes you will never hear back from somebody. Try not to get discouraged when this happens. Unfortunately, this is somewhat normal.

Once you schedule some interviews, it’s important to go into them with confidence, a positive attitude, and a professional inspired ensemble. Always send a Thank You letter/card after every interview. I recommend a handwritten one sent via snail mail (it’s more personal). This gesture will help you to stand out from others, and occasionally results in you being hired over another candidate just as qualified as you.

The last step in this whole process is to take every opportunity to learn from the employees working around you. What you get out of your experience is completely up to you.

By: Alyssa Jones


REBUS @ O&B Recap by jessica hutson
October 4, 2010, 10:15 am
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2 things:  brilliant minds & delicious hors d’oeuvres.

Okay, so there was more than that, but I remember those 2 things the best.  Seriously, Hollyberry Catering is my new favorite. The folks from Osborn & Barr took us in and gave us 1st class treatment w/ tasty treats & drinks, a seat at the boardroom table, and an up close and personal view of how things work at O&B.

I managed to scribble down (ermmm..tweet via @REBUS_STL, who takes notes on paper anymore?) some of the insights they offered us in case you weren’t able to make it:

  • “Account planning impacts marketing, not just advertising”
  • “We are to create advocates, not just consumers”
  • “Move beyond push/pull advertising to implant evolving brand into evolving life of target audience”
  • “Creative skills are useless unless the strategy makes marketing sense”
  • “Insight is what turns a heap of research into a creative brief”

And while I wasn’t tweeting my happy little heart out, I paparazzied it up a bit.  I took way too many photos and tons of video which I combined  into 54 seconds of REBUS/O&B goodness.

Now don’t you want to stop by the next REBUS event?!  Details coming soon!

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