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RT Fall Forum Event by jessica hutson
November 23, 2010, 11:53 am
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Wednesday / Nov 24, 2010
8:30am – 12:30pm
Registration: 8:30 – 9:00am
1000 Clark Ave
Saint Louis / MO / 63102

We’re opening our doors to ad-minded students. It’ll leave you with a satisfied feeling that only your Thanksgiving dinner can rival.




What I Learned at an Internship Expo by jessica hutson
November 10, 2010, 11:13 am
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A few weeks ago I attended an internship expo at Webster University with a few of my coworkers.  For starters, I was surprised at how outgoing the students were and how interested they were in the industry and getting an internship at such a young age – most of them juniors with at least one year to go before graduation.    Upon further investigation, my initial impressions were altered when finding out that for students in the advertising/communications program, an internship wasn’t looked at as an optional opportunity; it was a mandatory part of the curriculum necessary in order to graduate.  Either way, the students still impressed me with their personalities and their willingness to approach our company head on with questions and conversation.
Although we met a ton of qualified candidates over the course of the 2-hour conference, there was one thing that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around as we walked out the doors of Webster:  “these kids, while academically qualified, had no idea what they wanted to do.”
It got me thinking about the age old question that I struggled with from the time I was probably about their age (a junior in college) to the time I finally landed a full-time gig:

“In this industry, is it better to be a generalist, with a little bit of an edge in a bunch of different areas, or is it better to be skilled in a specific set, where you can add a lot of value to a pinpointed piece of an agency’s business?”

To that, I still don’t know the answer, but after talking to some of these college students, I feel compelled to take some sort of stance.
One of the first things we typically asked the students was “what are you interested in- creative or account?”  Some didn’t know what we meant by that, others didn’t quite know what they wanted, and some expressed interested in both.  This response didn’t necessarily surprise me because I think everyone at some point struggles with copy vs. client.  We all think we’re writers right?  Still I was amazed at the amount of confusion between those who thought they wanted to be designers, but said they could write copy, but at the same time wanted to be involved in strategy.  In theory, that’s great, but when seeking out an internship, that lack of clarity could be a game-changer when deciding on a qualified candidate.
It’s a tough time for internships.  With juniors being required to receive one, seniors praying to god they get one, and recent graduates still holding on for hope that they’ll be relevant enough to be considered for one, the competition is almost endless.  The things you learn are invaluable and for those on the fence, you’ll more often than not find your niche as you go through the day to day of your selected position.
I think the industry has changed over the past few years.  I don’t think it’s necessarily better anymore to be just a writer or just a designer or just an account planner.  It’s important that you know and understand each, and above all, have a passion for the industry as a whole.  I also think however, that it’s important to identify strength and stick with it (at least for a little while) so that you can understand where you can bring the most value to a company.

For more information on the Evolution of Advertising and what it takes to succeed in this new era of agency models, I recommend you come to REBUS at Schupp Co. on November 16. There’s going to be creative and account members that talk about what it takes to adapt to the ever changing industry and it might just unlock some insights as to what agencies are looking for in their next batch of intern candidates.

By Michael Buffa, Account Coordinator, Schupp Co.

Media Credit: Britteny Henry

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