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Paradowski Recap by jessica hutson
February 23, 2011, 8:47 am
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Paradowski Creative opened up the 2011 REBUS schedule with a grand tour of their spiffy, green-newed building, led by Founder and Principal, Alex Paradowski. Then the seriously witty Paradowski Creative crew demonstrated their out-of-the-box thinking by beginning the evening with a Q&A session, wide open to erratic questions from the masses.

Searching for a job in the ad industry today? Experts at this 35-year old, hybrid ad/design firm suggest showcasing your work ethic, personality and full range of talent, all of which are null and void given any typos or misspellings. Make yourself clickable by providing an online portfolio link or PDF that clearly identifies you and your desires.

Modernizing your agency pitches? Sell yourselves…that’s what clients are truly buying. Plan to present spec work upfront. Then shut up and listen. Go back to the client with refined creative that addresses big picture concerns and wows them with irresistible attention to the details.

Now, who’s interested in a sure-fire cure for hangovers? We’re not promising you’ll do cartwheels down the hallway that next morning. But you won’t have to wear a path from your desk to the bathroom or hold your sleeping head up at the computer without letting your elbows give.

After breaking into three groups and practicing the Creative Intelligence Cycle (speak, then shut up and listen here too) to generate headlines, visuals and product names for this cure, St. Louis may soon have a new claim to fame. It could be the krunk-killing oxygen and moisture mask, the “last call” shot of magic in a newly designed 13-pack or a pez-like, minty pill dispenser complete with deodorant on the bottom.

Paradowski Creative ended the evening with portfolio reviews while others mingled and imbibed. Thanks to Alex Paradowski, Paula Crews, Rommel Medrano, Jerry Gennaria, Ron Fleshman and the rest of the crew for opening the doors to their uniquely restored shop and for sharing insights about rehabbing our creative approaches.


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