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REBUS Recap: Switch 5th Birthday Bash by Michael Buffa

They grow up so fast! In case you missed it, REBUS celebrated its 5th birthday on Thursday, March 10th at Switch. And what a party it was—pizza, beer, good music, good people, a live twitter feed projected onto the wall, and a replica of the iconic yellow schoolbus made entirely out of CAKE.

The recently expanded space that Switch calls home was more than accommodating for the 100+ guests in attendance. Several agency tours were given in small groups while people mixed and mingled, traded business cards, told stories, and enjoyed themselves.

Once the tours were finished, everyone gathered on the giant steps and along the ramps for the presentation of the night. Danny Elchert and Rachel Barbieri, REBUS co-chairs, kicked things off by presenting an award to REBUS founder Robert Bishop. Bob told the story of how REBUS was born- He was looking at a copywriter’s work, and the artwork was so bad that he could barely get the message of the words. It was then that he had the idea to bring copywriters and designers together to help each other out. Hence, REBUS, which literally means “a representation of words in the form of pictures or symbols.” Pictures (designers) and words (copywriters) working together.

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REBUS By The Numbers . . . Birthdays: Five! by headhunterbob
March 2, 2011, 9:07 am
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Five years ago today, REBUS didn’t exist.  A couple of us were thinking about it, and trying to decide what it would or could be.  It’s grown far beyond our original intent of getting young art directors and writers together to cooperatively improve their portfolios and get that first agency job.  REBUS now includes professionals from the advertising and marketing industry, from the unemployed to Executive Creative Directors and Agency Sr. Executives.  I’m very proud to be a founder and still enjoy (virtually) every moment of my involvement. 

Now, with our fifth birthday next month (being celebrated at Switch on March 10th), it’s rather remarkable to think about some of the REBUS impact.

REBUS has delivered:
424 Facebook Friends
232 LinkedIn Group Members
Over 40 agency visits with presentations by the hosts (average attendance now over 50)
Dozens of mentoring relationships established
Hundreds of portfolio reviews with agency principals and industry leaders.
Hundreds of opportunities to improve a portfolio and contribute to local non-profits by contributing to REBUS and fREBUS.
Over $65,000.00 in deliverables for local charities created by fREBUS
Hundreds of helpful career conversations
Thousands of introductions of colleagues and new friends
At least six direct hires (that we know of) of REBUS attendees by agencies . . . the last, a designer hired by Paradowski!

The future is dazzlingly bright . . . all we need is you to get involved!  If you’re interested in “gettin’ on the BUS”, visit our Facebook “Volunteer Central

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