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REBUS Recap: Schmooze and Cruise by Michael Buffa
May 31, 2012, 10:55 am
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What happens when you load up single school bus with beer and cruise your way to three agencies in a single night? Well, Jon Simons wins an American flag, Moose buys 47 pizzas, Andrew Mullins takes enough pics with Instagram to fill a photo album, and everyone goes home happy.

Big thanks to everyone who attended the REBUS Schmooze and Cruise as well as Geile Leon, Cannonball, and Moosylvania, who helped us celebrate what will almost certainly become an annual event in the future. May 24th was a fantastically fun night that saw 50 attendees cruise from agency to agency in an extremely brand-appropriate yellow school bus. For just $12, REBUS members, who were lucky enough to RSVP early, enjoyed a night of advertising trivia, fantastic prizes, and so much beer and food that we needed a bus to haul all of it.

It will certainly go down as one of the most exciting events in REBUS history, but look for more fun and engaging events coming up, including our annual portfolio review. Self Branding and Shinola is coming up on Tuesday, June 12! That’s just around the corner! So if you’re fresh out of school and looking to meet some STL decision makers or you just need to polish up that book a little bit or you simply have no plans on June 12 and have no desire to sit at home and work on your Taj Mahal cheese sculpture, head to Eventbrite today to secure your spot!


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This looks RAD! wish I knew about the Bus a LONG LONG Time ago!! Time to catch up and join the cool kids party!

Comment by misstommypickles

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