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REBUS PING-PONG RUMPUS by ryanfarrellstl
February 18, 2013, 3:43 pm
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Rebus 2013 Ping Pong Rumpus

It’s time to table tennis in favor of ping pong. The REBUS Rumpus Ping Pong Tournament is a singles tournament that is open to all. For $10, agency types will have a fun way of meeting other people in the biz, while taking their best shots at the $500 grand prize and the Golden Paddle of ex-professional Ping Pong superstar Lance Whiskin.

Players register HERE:

COST: $10

DATE: March 12, 2012



PRIZE: $500 and Lance Whiskin’s Golden Paddle


For more on the madness that is Lance Whisken click the link below.




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