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REBUS Shinola IV: Building a brand called “YOU” by tipperobrien
May 29, 2013, 4:11 pm
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Odds are good, if you’re like most agency types you’ve said the following: “Man, I really need to update my portfolio…I’ll get to that next week.” Well, whether you’re a seasoned professional, or new to the ad world, REBUS is bringing you the perfect reason to update that old portfolio and get it ready for the next step in your career.

On June 18th, come down to FK Studio for SHINOLA IV: Building a brand called “YOU”!, brought to you by REBUS and The Creative Group. Doors open at 5:30pm followed by presentations from some of St. Louis’ top creative minds. After these quick, insightful discussions, agency professionals from other top local agencies will review your portfolio and offer expertise on prepping that resume, assembling your portfolio, interviewing in the St. Louis area, and most importantly…getting a job. 

In addition to access to top industry speakers and portfolio reviewers, your $20 ticket also gets you chance to network with seasoned advertising professionals, check out the space at FK, and enjoy good food and beverages. 

This event is great for agency newcomers, long-time advertising personnel looking to brush up on their knowledge, and college students alike, but make sure to RSVP ASAP. The first 25 paid reservations are guaranteed one-on-one portfolio reviews with leaders from some of St. Louis’ top agencies, and space is limited to 100 attendees.



May 29, 2013, 4:01 pm
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FleishmanHillard beeindruckt (that’s true German for impressed!) the audience Tuesday night with their presentation of Advolution: How Ads Start To Finish. 

Executive Creative Director Tom Hudder showcased FH’s new ATL (English acronym for above the line) Kräftig creative for radio, outdoor TV, packaging and premium goods. Kräftig Brand Manager Mike Brooks then explained his goal for promoting the brand and why FH made such a great fit. To paraphrase a bit, his direction to FH went something like this, “We want to really play up the flavor and sessionability of this beer. Oh, and make it funny as shit!”

The FH team discussed how Kräftig is brewed using Reinheitsgebot (RHINE-heights-geh-boat), the German Beer Purity Law, unlike any other domestic lager and light beer. They also confessed their whimsical thoughts throughout the creative process and how they narrowed down the focus.

The crowd at Harry’s listened intently while experiencing Reinheitsgebot and some appetizers. After their presentation, the team opened the floor to questions. And had answers for all, including “did you ever consider using sex appeal like other beers?”. FH encouraged us to recall Language Lessons: Sausage ad, and to stay tuned for the next round of Kräftig ads….

Besides showing off some great creative and providing us with köstlich (German for yum) purity brewed Kräftig and Kräftig light, the FH team left us with some key points:

–       Go ahead and produce your off-the-wall ideas to do them justice, and the client may buy off on them. Just like the Kräftig Reinheitsgebot Song.

–       Always use a LIVE international interpreter for translation to make sure you don’t talk in offensive language or context!

We saw new faces at this Advolution event, along with lots of mingling and awesome local creative work. Thanks to FleishmanHillard for making behind-the-STL-ad-scenes front, center and fun.

REBUS at TalentPlus Universal by ryanfarrellstl
May 13, 2013, 2:24 pm
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Rebus @ Talent Plus Unversal w/ DJ Elle Morgan

As her mad pink kicks crashed up and down on the light-flashing dance floor, the music bumping through the room, you knew one thing: DJ Elle Morgan came to party. And so did REBUS at last month’s TalentPlus event. With two parts party and one part professional, TalentPlus put the hammer down on our April event. The room was filled with pounding house beats delivered by Texas prodigy DJ Elle Morgan ( ) who was on her way to showcase her skills at the FIRST Robotics Championship downtown on Washington Avenue.

The entire event was a delight for the senses. Top notch hors d’oeuvres, a step and repeat “live” red carpet anchored by a beautiful TalentPlus model, ceiling light show, refreshments, and Elle Morgan created an atmosphere that made for one of REBUS’ best events ever. In fact, it was more of a party than anything else, as TalentPlus showed off a variety of their offerings to the lucky attendees who were happy to show up in the midst of the downpour outside.

Attendees had a chance to tour the TalentPlus space and learn about their recent evolution to TP Universal, and the various offerings underneath that umbrella, before jamming the night away on the outskirts of Forest Park.

Our next REBUS event, Advolution, How Ads Start To Finish, examines the process by which an idea actually becomes an ad. Our subject will be the recent Above The Line for Kraftig released last month by Fleishman Hillard. Stop in to hear from ECD Tom Hudder how this work came to life.

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