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Bishop Partners, LLC (Recruiter) Seeks Associate Creative Director-Art
August 25, 2010, 7:55 am
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Bishop Partners, LLC (Recruiter)
Associate Creative Director-Art #10084
Location:  St. Louis

We’re looking for ACD candidates with a related degree and 5-7 years’ experience.  We’re looking for candidates who have leadership capabilities, superb design skills and an approach to innovative, contemporary marketing  (across all channels) that can reach and impact customers in that targeted 18-28 demographic.  We only want candidates with national CPG food and beverage experience (including packaging), who are ambitious and who want increasing opportunities and responsibilities in their career growth.  Here’s an opportunity for your next step forward.

Our client is winning new business and consistently growing.  They want creatives who “live the lifestyle”, can “be the consumer” and know what resonates with that demographic.  Your portfolio should show novelty, risk and success for the client.  You must understand and embrace the emergence, proliferation and evolution of online, mobile and virtual tools, blurring the boundary between one’s professional and personal life.  We want enthusiasm and evidence that you’re embracing the confluence of the internet, broadband and mobile.  It’s likely you also have a significant online personal brand.  We want to see it!  Experience with traditional tactics is assumed.

We want a voracious learner, someone who’s not content with the status quo but is looking towards and playing with, the future.  You need to have worked closely with colleagues by contributing,  collaborating, enhancing and presenting to both internal and external stakeholders.  You should be sensitive to helping your colleagues grow.

Our client is offering a compensation package including a base salary and outstanding benefits.  Your starting salary will be based on experience, expertise and is designed to intrigue premier candidates. The benefits package includes medical insurance (dental and vision), a 401K, Disability and Life insurance.  EOE

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more, apply through our  website and we’ll respond promptly.  As a part of your application process, send links or electronic samples directly to


PORTFOLIO POLISH: Self Branding Shinola
July 19, 2010, 8:23 am
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August 10th , 2010
Networking – 5:30pm
Featured discussions – 6:30

FK Photography

2745 Locust St

St Louis, MO 63103

Does your resume look like the same Word template that was created when Boyz II Men was on the Billboard charts? Is your portfolio gathering dust on a shelf or just not quite where you want it? Does your cover letter get canned before the call to action? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in good company. We’re here to help.

REBUS and GIMA present Self-Branding and Shinola, sponsored by The Creative Group. This special REBUS event will be a night of speakers, networking, learning and, of course, food and drinks with featured topics around the dos and don’ts of self-branding, resume writing, portfolio polishing, interviewing as well as personal critiques from leading industry professionals in the St. Louis area.

This isn’t your average career fair and this isn’t just for designers and writers. It’s a behind the scenes look at what Account Directors, Creative Directors, Interactive and Video Producers, and HR Professionals are looking for when seeding through the hundreds of seemingly identical resume and portfolio submissions.

With a guest list limited to 60, RSVP’s are crucial. The first 25 people to RSVP are guaranteed one-on-one time with industry professionals to review portfolios or resumes. The rest will be on a first-come first-served basis.


Networking starts at 5:30.  Featured discussions at 6:30.  Cost is only $20.


Click Here to register. Only 60 seats available.

Who Inspires You
July 9, 2010, 7:58 pm
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Over the last four years, REBUS has exposed you to some of St. Louis’ brightest creative minds. We’ve introduced you to the best photographers, account directors, creative directors and copy writers in town whose impact stretches far beyond this river city market.

As we gear the ‘BUS up for its fourth year, REBUS asks who inspires you? What agencies would you KILL to work with? Which creative directors’ brains are you dying to pick. Let us know and we might be able schedule a visit to their agency/studio in the next year.

New REBUS Testimonials
July 9, 2010, 7:54 pm
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“REBUS opens the door for aspiring individuals to meet, mingle and learn from key players in the advertising industry from agencies to vendors. I have recommended many young folks to attend and have seen them get job offers as a result of doing so. St. Louis is lucky to have such a passionate and dedicated group in our community and I highly recommend that you hop on the bus.”

Kathy McGuire-Mullins

“Having been involved from just about the beginning and serving over 2 years as co-chair of REBUS, I have watched our organization grow up and blossom into a smart and professional group with a devoted and motivated membership. I am proud to say that REBUS has established itself as a fun, educational, and inspirational organization for professionals of all levels offering events unlike anything else you can find in St. Louis – and they continue to get better every month! With over four years behind us now, it is safe to say that the St. Louis Advertising/Design community is better off for having and embracing our organization. I’ve benefited immensely from my involvement in REBUS and if you’re free the second Tuesday of the month, then check out the next event – interesting people, a sneak peek at an agency, a bit of educational content, and yummy food and drink – it’s a no lose situation.”

Sarah E. G. Waters
Snap Creative

What To Know About Sending Your Design Resume To A Creative Agency
June 9, 2010, 3:20 pm
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By Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen, Senior Creative Director

As the manager of Switch’s art directors, designers and production artists, I get 15-20 resume’s from recent grads per month. Here’s what I’ve noticed. This new generation is plugged into social media, constantly connected and has access to a wide variety of new technologies. In short, they are armed with a myriad of powerful tools… EXCITING!

However, the technology that allows them to “do more stuff” has led to a less “personal” approach in their craft. I want to see a “personality” shine through.

I catch myself saying, “Kid’s these days just don’t have the same craftsmanship or passion that I had when I got out of school”. WHAT? Are these words actually coming out of my mouth? Has turning 33 years old all of a sudden put me in my dad’s shoes? So, what do I want to see? I want the Holy Trinity: personality, range and passion.

Above all, you are your own brand. Treat yourself as one. Everything you do that makes contact with the world needs to be a reflection of you. Your resume is your first date, and everyone is watching. You have one chance to make that impression, use it wisely.

1) Resume: You’re a designer, and the resume is the most important tool you have. It is your chance to demonstrate who you are:
a. Craftsmanship: paper choice and how you package it to be mailed or sent electronically will showcase your attention to detail.
b. Composition: helps determine how you flow content and your sensitivity towards hierarchy and readability.
c. Aesthetic: your choice of font and color palette showcases your individualism and personal style.
d. Content: this is the last thing I look at…because if you haven’t captured my curiosity with your resume, I won’t spend much time checking out your credentials.

A plain resume designed in Word goes straight in the trash!

2) The Interview: You want to create an experience that your interviewer won’t forget. Everything about you needs to be choreographed to promote your identity: from your logo to your presentation materials/leave behinds.

Don’t forget to add your personal touch…that’s what will help set you apart from the next in line. Your hobbies and passions need to shine through, be it photography, or hand drawings or your obsession for toys. Don’t be shy to show off what makes you: you.

Timing can be a major factor as well. If someone expresses interest in you, don’t give them a reason to forget about you. Be persistent; be creative on keeping the loop open. (Sidebar: Once I got a follow-up voice message from someone whom I had interviewed. It was framed like he/she got my number at a bar from a friend and was interested in getting together, like on a date. It was funny, engaging and a fresh approach!)

3) Intangibles: Many designers forget that their design skills are only a fraction of what makes them an attractive candidate. If you can demonstrate a hunger and humility “to do whatever it takes,” walk in with passion and determination that tells me that you, “want this job so badly you aren’t going to take no for an answer”…that will impress me.

So the theme might be that getting a job is like getting a date. Try dropping off your resume in person. Or establish a connection by doing something that echoes your personality and isn’t the same old creative package your classmate is mocking up. Get face time by being creative. Don’t be shy to get personal.

Reposted from the Switch: Liberate Your Brand blog.

REBUS Planning Meeting: June 22, 2010
June 7, 2010, 11:41 am
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Rodgers Townsend
1000 Clark Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63102

Need a map? Just click here.

We’ve taken you inside McGowan Crain. You’ve light-painted at Meoli, witnessed woodblock printing techniques at the Firecracker Press, you’ve even toured RIVET from a dog’s eye view.

As the economy recovers and we roll into our fourth year, we ask WHAT DO YOU WANT NEXT? REBUS has grown drastically and is ready to look towards the future, now is your chance to get involved. We’re looking for input for activities, programs and events for the upcoming year. We need volunteers who are interested in supporting the REBUS effort with their time (writers, designers, videographers, account folks, etc., anyone involved in the marketing/advertising process).

Come tell us what you’d like REBUS to do next year! Snacks and adult beverages will be provided.

Please RSVP to:

REBUS Recape: 4ORCE. Don’t Make Them Think.
May 21, 2010, 7:07 pm
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Visualize your favorite website. Why is it your favorite? Ease of use, visual design, content? Can you turn those positive features into valuable designs for your clients? How much money does a poor design cost the client?

On Tuesday May 11, 4ORCE, formerly NGAGE, invited REBUS in to discuss how they combine creativity, insights and intelligence, and usability testing to deliver a fresh perspective on what makes consumers tick and how they interact with brands. They are adding value to digital innovation through the launch of their User Experience (UX) lab that advances user experience by bridging digital technology and branded engagement. The UX lab allows clients to test designs for functionality and impressions before it’s launched. These insights save money and time by increasing overall customer satisfaction and increases engaging hits.

Before this capability projects would launch without any guarantee that visitors will stick around to reveal the messages interlaid on the site. Research has shown that if it takes visitors more than 10 seconds to find what they want, then they will go to the competitor’s site. 4ORCE’s UX lab insures positive results by studying how the user interacts with the design and if the design works best for the way the target thinks through series of test including but not limited to surveys, focus groups, field testing, and heuristic evaluation. The earlier the UX lab is introduced into the planning stages the faster one finds the best design to communicate with the target. Keep in mind if you need a label, it’s probably not designed very well.

So take a note from 4ORCE, stop focusing on the past where brands just post digital content. Do some research, more specifically allow 4ORCE’s User Experience Architects to apply usability testing to ensure that your campaigns builds fully engaging projects that spark continuous conversations with your target.

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