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REBUS Celebrates Its 7th Birthday with “The Breakfast Club” and Strange Donuts by REBUS
March 23, 2014, 5:00 am
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REBUS held its inaugural Breakfast Club event last week at Rooster downtown.  The attendees were treated to a free breakfast and the special treat is Strange DonutsCorey Smale brought the donuts and told us the story of how his passion project, Strange Donuts became the phenomenon it is, in less than a year. 4b02db92f5436e29f262fe3b27b294d8

The presentation was informal and felt intimate, in that Corey walked around the attendees and told his story in a casual yet passionate way.  You could see and feel how and why Corey has built an almost cult following in a short period of time.  The donuts were a sensational “dessert” to Rooster’s superb breakfasts.

As I was talking with Sarah Waters sitting next to me, I realized that March is REBUS’ birthday . . . it’s seventh!  I was stunned by that number and how fast time has flown.  I liked the evolution REBUS has experience to become what it is now.

free-beer-rebusSarah was one of the original Co-chairs of REBUS and very helpful in getting it growing.  Sarah and Kendra Gilligan helped create fREBUS, the pro bono arm of REBUS.  In the first year, fREBUS was responsible for over $80,000.00 in deliverables to St. Louis non-profits.  As a result of issues identified with fREBUS, Sarah and Kendra went on to found ready+willing.

I’m proud of the fact that REBUS has succeeded in influencing hundreds of young advertising professionals (and many veterans as well) and resulted innumerable “first job” offers.  REBUS has visited scores of agencies and photographers’ studios and production companies, helping introduce the regions’ most influential players to the new young professionals.

A REBUS (generally without all caps) is a puzzle combining words and pictures to create another word or phrase.  The original concept for REBUS was to get newly graduated writers and art directors together, so that they could collaborate with the goal of helping each other build better portfolios.  I’m sure you figured out that this rebus says “Free beer for a year”.  Perfect!

REBUS has provided the opportunity for the ambitious to get involved and improve their skills, while working on real projects.  There have been networking opportunities and new relationships developed.  I’ve been told more than once that without REBUS, someone would not have met someone or found out about something that ended up influencing their careers and/or personal lives!

The hard work and god knows how many hours have all been worth it.  I’m proud that REBUS has had and continues to have, the relevance and benefit that it does.  Thanks to all of you who have contributed to that effort.

Happy Birthday REBUS!


Recap: The AdClub / REBUS Awkward Holiday Photo Party by REBUS
December 11, 2013, 5:37 pm
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It was a festive night as people donned their chunky knit holiday pullovers and braved the snow to grab a beer with agency folk, local creatives, and ad-world outsiders at Blueberry Hill for the AdClub / REBUS Awkward Holiday Photo Party. There were seasonal outfits a plenty, but what truly stood out was the holiday cheer – no doubt thanks to the endless array of craft beer and the killer buffet table!

Old and new friends alike mingled to a mix of 90’s favorites, from Backstreet to TLC, provided by DJ/JV Jay E. Even better – new and familiar faces were captured at their most awkward at the winter-themed photo booth.

Sound awesome? It was awesome. Even Santa Claus himself took a break from his yearly rush to make an appearance, breaking it down to Destiny’s Child between brews.

Many thanks to our friends at Rukus for all their help in making the Awkward Holiday Photo Party possible! Be sure to mark your calendars for 2014, as a good time like this only comes but once a year.

Schmooze and Cruise: Part Deux Recap by REBUS
October 24, 2013, 7:59 am
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As Brendan Corcoran wheeled his way around the corner at Switch last Thursday, he clipped the wall in his adult-sized big wheel but kept on rolling as he made his way in to a din of applause before giving a solid introduction to his beloved agency. That event proved to be a fine microcosm of the evening at large, as a late bus arrival to Switch may have set back the festivities at REBUS’ Schmooze and Cruise: Part Deux…but they were not to be stopped.

Attendees to the event put up $15 in exchange for a bus riding, agency-hopping experience that started at Switch, moved to the newly coined H&L Partners, and finished, albeit somewhat late, at Momentum.

At each stop along the way, a series of advertising-related trivia questions gave REBUS members a chance to pickup amazing prizing, such as a Merriam Webster Dictionary with CD-ROM from 1993, a Shaolin Monks DVD, and a classy Almost $ingle T-Shirt.

Thanks to everyone who made The REBUS Schmooze and Cruise a possibility, particularly to our friends at Switch, H&L Partners, and Momentum. See you at the next stop!

Schmooze and Cruise: Part Deux Posters by REBUS
October 5, 2013, 6:38 pm
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Schmooze and Cruise: Part Deux Posters

Want an official S&C2 poster for your agency or fridge? DM us @REBUS_STL. Thanks to Katie Marshall of H&L Partners for her design!

Join us for REBUS Schmooze & Cruise Part Deux by REBUS
October 3, 2013, 1:44 pm
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It’s that time again. What happens when you load an entire school bus with beer and cruise your way to three agencies in a single night? Come to the REBUS Schmooze and Cruise Part Deux, a bar crawl meets agency-visit experience where a measly $15 gets you beer, food, and a damn good time.

On Thursday, October 17th at 6PM you can schmooze and booze while we cruise to Switch, Momentum, and Hoffman Lewis, playing advertising trivia along the way for a chance at fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime prizes. Maybe you win a VHS of The Land Before Time Seven, maybe you pick up a collection of Smurf’s-themed slap bracelets, maybe you get a half-used package of napkins….who knows? Maybe you win nothing but a rootin-tootin good time because you don’t know what Folger’s tagline was in 1987. But you’ll never know unless you go, so head to Eventbrite today, pick up your ticket, and get ready to Schmooze and Cruise on October 17th.

REBUS Rumpus Stirs Up Banter and New Beholder of Lance Whiskin’s Golden Paddle by ryanfarrellstl
March 15, 2013, 3:56 pm
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Rebus 2013 Ping Pong Rumpus

Fans from all over the city swarmed PLUSH on Tuesday night to witness the winner of REBUS Rumpus…and Lance Whiskin’s golden paddle. Nearly 50 players decked in sporty headbands, wife beater shirts, and yes, even black dress socks with shorts, showed off their ping pong skills.

Read what spectators had to say about the event:

“Looking around, I feel…clean. People are smiling and having fun. It’s a great way to bring energy to the advertising community.” –Murphy O’Brien, Copywriter for Momentum

“We had 4 in, and 1 left. I’m hoping we can win it. And I hope we get our table back tomorrow!” –Sharon Ayres, VP of HR for Moosylvania

“I beat myself in the second round. Games to 11 are tough, but I’ll be back next year.”—Eric Tatham, Art Director for Rodgers Townsend and Rumpus contender

As one of the highlights of the night, a random 12-year old contestant made it to the fifth round, but was defeated by Osborn Barr computer programmer, Jack Lawry. We asked Jack how it felt beating a 12-year old. He replied, “It didn’t feel very good. I don’t know how I won it. But it’s a great event and I’ve met a lot of people.” Unfortunately, Jack lost in the next, semi-final round.

And of course, ex-professional Lance Whiskin made an appearance in the tourney, albeit a short-lived one. Thus the paddle pass-down.

So how did this paddle pandemonium pan out?

Emotion poured from the final contenders just before the championship game began. Clifford a.k.a. “Big Red”, an SIUE grad student in environmental science management, confessed that he “warmed up with a guy who lost in the first round”. And Mirsad, a front end developer at Moosylvania, held back tears as he proclaimed how happy he was to be here and that so many people came out.

They played an intense game to 21 as spectators’ heads followed the ball from left to right and back again. And although Clifford gave a valiant effort, Mirsad nabbed a 21-16 victory, 5 Benjamin Franklins and the prized golden paddle of Lance Whiskin. Mirsad said he planned to donate most of it to a charity. Other sources indicate he may have bought his coworkers a victory round first.

When asked how he thought the event went, organizer Tipper O’Brien remarked, “I’m so happy so many people showed up. In the future, other REBUS events will still be education-based but will contain an element of fun, too. We want to make sure people have a good time.”

Thanks to Tipper for organizing the first annual REBUS Rumpus event. And thanks also to all the table lenders, players and spectators for making the Rumpus a smash.

Written by Natalie Gensits

REBUS Next Stop: Coolfire Originals by connierippeeboone
November 8, 2012, 2:31 pm
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Coolfire Originals Logo

On November 13th, REBUS will be heading Downtown for an evening with Coolfire Originals, a television production company that develops programming for screens of all shapes, sizes and bandwidths. Coolfire Originals co-produces Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s for OWN and Fast N’ Loud for Discovery with Pilgrim Studios. Originals is currently in post-production on MFF: Mom Friends Forever for NickMom and will have four new shows in production in November.

Coolfire Originals

Originals will be offering attendees a glimpse into the exciting world of developing and producing TV series. REBUS members will also hear from Steve Luebbert, VP of Development and Jeff Stevens, Director of Content Innovation, first hand on the evolution of a show from pitch to production.

Mark your calendars and join us Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 @ 6pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Coolfire Originals in the news | Click here to view

The Details:
Coolfire Originals
6:00PM – November 13, 2012
415 North 10th Street, 3rd Floor, St. Louis, MO 63101

Free for paid Ad Club members • Non-members $10 at the door
Must be 21 years of age or older

*The Renaissance parking garage is located directly across from our office with entrances on 9th and 10th street. Cash only exit is on 9th street.

RSVP on Facebook

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