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July 9, 2010, 7:54 pm
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“REBUS opens the door for aspiring individuals to meet, mingle and learn from key players in the advertising industry from agencies to vendors. I have recommended many young folks to attend and have seen them get job offers as a result of doing so. St. Louis is lucky to have such a passionate and dedicated group in our community and I highly recommend that you hop on the bus.”

Kathy McGuire-Mullins

“Having been involved from just about the beginning and serving over 2 years as co-chair of REBUS, I have watched our organization grow up and blossom into a smart and professional group with a devoted and motivated membership. I am proud to say that REBUS has established itself as a fun, educational, and inspirational organization for professionals of all levels offering events unlike anything else you can find in St. Louis – and they continue to get better every month! With over four years behind us now, it is safe to say that the St. Louis Advertising/Design community is better off for having and embracing our organization. I’ve benefited immensely from my involvement in REBUS and if you’re free the second Tuesday of the month, then check out the next event – interesting people, a sneak peek at an agency, a bit of educational content, and yummy food and drink – it’s a no lose situation.”

Sarah E. G. Waters
Snap Creative


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