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REBUS Recap: Self-Branding and Shinola Part III by Michael Buffa
June 21, 2012, 8:47 am
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They came. They saw. They had their portfolios reviewed.  On June 12th The Creative Group sponsored the 3rd Annual Self Branding and Shinola for over 75 attendees at FK studios. Danny Elchert, ex REBUS co-chair and mastermind behind the event, put together a blockbuster lineup of speakers that included Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen, Sr. Director of Visual + Dimensional Design at Switch, Kay Cochran, Vice President/Creative Director of Rodgers Townsend, Tracy Fulton, Vice President, Director, Business Leadership from Momentum Worldwide, Dan Curran, President and Founder, 4ORCE Digital and Sharon Ayres, Vice President, Human Resources of Moosylvania.

The speakers ran through a ton of material relevant to the job searching process for young professionals. Eduardo and Danny gave an in-depth look into the timeline of the hiring process, Sharon offered some insightful tips into the softer side of maintaining good connections in the St. Louis advertising market, Tracy Fulton offered some very straight forward information on acting like you want a job, and Kay Cochran gave the writers in the crowd some good perspective on how to build their portfolio. Continue reading


REBUS Recap: Self Branding and Shinola Part II by Michael Buffa
June 24, 2011, 4:05 pm
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If there’s one thing everyone in advertising (or those aspiring to be in advertising) knows, it’s that the industry as a whole is not an easy one to get into.  In fact, according to Jennifer Oertli, VP, Director of Human Resources at Rodgers Townsend, a spelling mistake, a less than positive attitude, or an unclear application is all it takes to go from “right” pile to the wrong.  But really, that’s just common sense right?  Well, that’s what REBUS wanted to find out.

On Tuesday, June 14, over seventy advertising hopefuls, five agency heads, and a number of other advertising professionals packed into the awesome space of FK Studios for the second annual Portfolio Polish event: Shinola.  The evening kicked off with drinks and discussions with agency President Mark Schupp of Schupp Company taking the stage to set things off.  An interactive presentation allowing the audience to “text-in” to choose the topic, Schupp talked the most notable question of the night: How to get hired.

Next up was David Johnson President of production company Coolfire Media.  While the discussion started out daunting with a reminder that “we’re no longer up against college kids for entry level jobs” it ended with a hint of optimism focusing on the idea of attitude over aptitude, with the former almost always winning out.  Melinda Love Senior Vice President & Senior Partner at Fleishman-Hilliard kept the optimism alive with a focus on attitude, communication, and of course, designs as the keys to success to get hired in the creative community. Jennifer Simler, account director at Switch and Jeff Stevens, Executive Creative Director of Momentum rounded out the speaker series with advice for both account and creative professionals on how to start and succeed in the industry.

The night ended with one-on-one portfolio reviews from a group of 21 agency executives.  With representation from over 13 local agencies, almost all of the attendees got a range of constructive criticism in each of the respective disciplines. I think I even overheard one attendee say he got a freelance writing gig from one of the larger agencies in town.

While REBUS is the young professional arm of the St. Louis Advertising Club, that doesn’t mean its events are only for the fresh faces.  With events happening almost every month, at a different agency venue every time, I can’t think of a better time to encourage you to get involved. Thanks to all of the speakers, vendors, and audience members for making this a remarkable event.  Check back to the blog soon for more details on the next REBUS event!

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