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REBUS at TalentPlus Universal by ryanfarrellstl
May 13, 2013, 2:24 pm
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Rebus @ Talent Plus Unversal w/ DJ Elle Morgan

As her mad pink kicks crashed up and down on the light-flashing dance floor, the music bumping through the room, you knew one thing: DJ Elle Morgan came to party. And so did REBUS at last month’s TalentPlus event. With two parts party and one part professional, TalentPlus put the hammer down on our April event. The room was filled with pounding house beats delivered by Texas prodigy DJ Elle Morgan ( ) who was on her way to showcase her skills at the FIRST Robotics Championship downtown on Washington Avenue.

The entire event was a delight for the senses. Top notch hors d’oeuvres, a step and repeat “live” red carpet anchored by a beautiful TalentPlus model, ceiling light show, refreshments, and Elle Morgan created an atmosphere that made for one of REBUS’ best events ever. In fact, it was more of a party than anything else, as TalentPlus showed off a variety of their offerings to the lucky attendees who were happy to show up in the midst of the downpour outside.

Attendees had a chance to tour the TalentPlus space and learn about their recent evolution to TP Universal, and the various offerings underneath that umbrella, before jamming the night away on the outskirts of Forest Park.

Our next REBUS event, Advolution, How Ads Start To Finish, examines the process by which an idea actually becomes an ad. Our subject will be the recent Above The Line for Kraftig released last month by Fleishman Hillard. Stop in to hear from ECD Tom Hudder how this work came to life.


REBUS Rumpus Stirs Up Banter and New Beholder of Lance Whiskin’s Golden Paddle by ryanfarrellstl
March 15, 2013, 3:56 pm
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Rebus 2013 Ping Pong Rumpus

Fans from all over the city swarmed PLUSH on Tuesday night to witness the winner of REBUS Rumpus…and Lance Whiskin’s golden paddle. Nearly 50 players decked in sporty headbands, wife beater shirts, and yes, even black dress socks with shorts, showed off their ping pong skills.

Read what spectators had to say about the event:

“Looking around, I feel…clean. People are smiling and having fun. It’s a great way to bring energy to the advertising community.” –Murphy O’Brien, Copywriter for Momentum

“We had 4 in, and 1 left. I’m hoping we can win it. And I hope we get our table back tomorrow!” –Sharon Ayres, VP of HR for Moosylvania

“I beat myself in the second round. Games to 11 are tough, but I’ll be back next year.”—Eric Tatham, Art Director for Rodgers Townsend and Rumpus contender

As one of the highlights of the night, a random 12-year old contestant made it to the fifth round, but was defeated by Osborn Barr computer programmer, Jack Lawry. We asked Jack how it felt beating a 12-year old. He replied, “It didn’t feel very good. I don’t know how I won it. But it’s a great event and I’ve met a lot of people.” Unfortunately, Jack lost in the next, semi-final round.

And of course, ex-professional Lance Whiskin made an appearance in the tourney, albeit a short-lived one. Thus the paddle pass-down.

So how did this paddle pandemonium pan out?

Emotion poured from the final contenders just before the championship game began. Clifford a.k.a. “Big Red”, an SIUE grad student in environmental science management, confessed that he “warmed up with a guy who lost in the first round”. And Mirsad, a front end developer at Moosylvania, held back tears as he proclaimed how happy he was to be here and that so many people came out.

They played an intense game to 21 as spectators’ heads followed the ball from left to right and back again. And although Clifford gave a valiant effort, Mirsad nabbed a 21-16 victory, 5 Benjamin Franklins and the prized golden paddle of Lance Whiskin. Mirsad said he planned to donate most of it to a charity. Other sources indicate he may have bought his coworkers a victory round first.

When asked how he thought the event went, organizer Tipper O’Brien remarked, “I’m so happy so many people showed up. In the future, other REBUS events will still be education-based but will contain an element of fun, too. We want to make sure people have a good time.”

Thanks to Tipper for organizing the first annual REBUS Rumpus event. And thanks also to all the table lenders, players and spectators for making the Rumpus a smash.

Written by Natalie Gensits

St. Louis Addys: It’s What We Do by ryanfarrellstl
March 1, 2013, 3:27 pm
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St. Louis Addy Week

Who cares about the St. Louis Addys?

We do. People that understand that one trophy isn’t going to make or break an agency. Once you realize that the Addys are fuel for our industry fire, you start to get it. As much as we whine and complain, we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t love it.

How was it?

 Simply put, the St. Louis Addy Awards were great, but they always are. After mingling with some of the industry’s best, it was time for the awards. Here, we learn that size doesn’t matter. Some of the literal big winners, HLK and Rodgers Townsend, didn’t overshadow smaller shops like Atomicdust and Toky. No one cares what logo’s on your check. We just care that you’re doing great work within our city limits – that’s it. While the St. Louis advertising community continues to plot a bigger space on the industry map, something unique happens at these events.

That Midwestern sense of respect tends to become apparent. Competitors hang up the gloves for the night and kick back. All of the titles and agency battles fade – everyone’s there to have a good time and hopefully take home an Addy, or 20. It’s one room filled with talent, beer and chicken-fried bacon – a mix that’s on par with any in the world.

See you next year

In the end, we drank, we ate and we celebrated the fact that good work wins out in the end. Win, lose or draw, we’ll all be back next year to do it over again. Why? Because we all love the chance to drink with people who understand exactly what we do every day.

There are so many people and groups to thank for filling the night with free beer, free food and free beer. Sponsors, you know who you are, thanks. Since you busted out your wallet, Manifest Digital, thank you and welcome to St. Louis.

 Written By: Ken Earley 

Be sure to check out the REBUS Ping Pong Rumpus on March 12th at Plush. $10 earns your chance at $500 and ownership of ping pong legend Lance Whiskin’s golden paddle.

REBUS PING-PONG RUMPUS by ryanfarrellstl
February 18, 2013, 3:43 pm
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Rebus 2013 Ping Pong Rumpus

It’s time to table tennis in favor of ping pong. The REBUS Rumpus Ping Pong Tournament is a singles tournament that is open to all. For $10, agency types will have a fun way of meeting other people in the biz, while taking their best shots at the $500 grand prize and the Golden Paddle of ex-professional Ping Pong superstar Lance Whiskin.

Players register HERE:

COST: $10

DATE: March 12, 2012



PRIZE: $500 and Lance Whiskin’s Golden Paddle


For more on the madness that is Lance Whisken click the link below.



Rebus Recap: Boxing Clever by ryanfarrellstl
January 18, 2013, 3:55 pm
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Boxing Clever


The folks at Boxing Clever gracefully staged their story about how storytelling and passion drive their success. While holding one passion (Woodford Reserve) in hand, Executive Creative Director, Jim Harper presented several examples of projects they have done strictly out of passion – for locals like All Along Press, St. Louis Rams and Vintage Vinyl, but also for global monsters like Adobe. As a nightcap to an inspiring presentation, they made plenty of talented creatives accessible for portfolio reviews.

The tour of their new digs consisted of walking from one side of the office to the other, peering down each side to see their open, yet oaky and vintage space that reeks of devilish creative genius. You could help yourself to the vintage Coca-Cola coolers, or place an order with the roaming bartender. And you could feast on anything from fruits and sandwiches to meatballs and shrimp cocktail. Nice!

Boxing Clever’s story unfolded like this: If you let yourself feel passionate about something, you can create a compelling story about what that business or product does. But also, if you follow your passionate whims, they will often lead you to success and let you spew your creative talents without abandon…and without too much, well, commentary. Passion creates a win-win, without doubt.

If you have a passion for something…not really yet existing, or fake, check out one of Boxing Clever’s sites,, where they will post user-generated content. Stay tuned in to Boxing Clever. We’re going to see more awesome stuff from their turf. Maybe something…rather heavy!

Written by Natalie Gensits

Rodgers Townsend Fall Forum Offers College Students Inside Look at Agency Life by Michael Buffa

College students home for the Thanksgiving holiday will have a rare opportunity on Tuesday, November 22, when Rodgers Townsend hosts their fifth annual Fall Forum.

“We began the event as a way for students to get an inside peek at the agency and learn about the different career paths available in advertising,” said Jennifer Oertli, VP and Director of HR. Continue reading

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